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Impact Assessment and Mitigation
A. Applicability. An impact assessment report shall be submitted for the following:
(1) Any proposed land development involving a special exception or variance.
(2) Any land development which involves a project on 10,000 square feet or more of land or involves five or more dwelling units, leaseholds or buildings.
(3) Any industrial use.
(4) Any commercial use of 5,000 square feet or greater (gross floor area).
(5) Any construction of a new street or alley, or any widening or extension of an existing street or alley.
(6) Any institutional use of 20,000 square feet or greater (gross floor area).
(7) Any environmentally sensitive lands.
(8) Any petition for a Zoning Map amendment or any petition for a zoning text change which would involve any of the above.

B. Submission requirements.
(1) Refer to Article V: Impact Assessment and Mitigation, of the Subdivision and Land Development chapter.
Application fee: Fees will be assessed according to § 285-24: Subdivision and Land Development, Chapter 520.