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Planning Commission
A. Zoning duties. To ensure compliance with the terms of this chapter, the City Comprehensive Plan and the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code, where applicable, the Planning Commission shall review applications for:
(1) Curative amendments;
(2) Zoning Code amendments;
(3) Zoning Map amendments; and
(4) Special exceptions.

B. Time limit on Commission action. The Planning Commission shall submit, by resolution, its findings and recommendations to the appropriate jurisdiction within 90 days of receipt of an application.

C. Special exception considerations. In the review and resulting recommendation for requests for special exception, the Planning Commission shall consider:
(1) Design and layout of existing and proposed structures;
(2) Adequacy of stormwater runoff provisions;
(3) Adequacy of pedestrian and vehicular access and circulation;
(4) Adequacy of lighting facilities;
(5) General requirements and criteria outlined in § 595-40C for special exceptions;
(6) Health and safety considerations; and
(7) Impact assessment and mitigation in accordance with § 595-35.